6th Partnership Forums

The Global Fund is developing a bold, ambitious and agile post-2022 strategy to accelerate progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and improve global health. We are convening representatives from across the Global Fund partnership at the 6th Partnership Forums to review input, evidence and guidance received on strategy development to date to help identify areas of future focus for the next Global Fund Strategy.

Engaging our partners

The 6th Partnership Forums are designed to collect ideas, perspectives and guidance from across the full Global Fund partnership to feed into our post-2022 strategy.

The Partnership Forums will provide a platform to discuss how the Global Fund can contribute to the ambitious 2030 goals for HIV, TB, malaria and health as broadly set out in UN Sustainable Development Goal Three. The Partnership Forums will also consider the challenges posed by COVID-19 as we #UniteToFight the three diseases and coronavirus.

Partnership Forums in brief
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Entirely virtual

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Partnership Forums will convene virtually with three regional meetings, preceded by a joint global opening session and followed by a joint global closing session.

Partnership Forums are designed to ensure an inclusive, engaging exchange of ideas and to celebrate the diversity of voices represented in the Global Fund partnership. The Global Fund will support participant participation by helping to secure internet access as well as provide IT support, translated materials in relevant languages and interpretation services where possible.

For any questions, please contact partnershipforum@theglobalfund.org.

Timeline for the Forums

Who will attend?

Participants will represent the broad and diverse range of stakeholders that make up the Global Fund partnership. Participants are invited through a formal nomination process based on criteria determined in conjunction with the Global Fund’s Strategy Committee. The criteria aim to:

  • ensure a balance between familiar voices and those stakeholders who have fewer opportunities to engage in Global Fund strategic discussions
  • bring a balance of perspectives, experiences, geographical backgrounds and areas of expertise to contribute to the discussion

How we develop our strategy

The Partnership Forums are part of a highly consultative process to develop the new strategy.