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Despite extremely challenging circumstances, Guinea has made significant progress against HIV, TB and malaria. Increasing the number of HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy, and reducing malaria prevalence by distributing more than 13 million mosquito nets, Guinea is strengthening many features of its health system, with support from the Global Fund. Guinea highlights the challenges of addressing new threats to global health security, as witnessed in the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Guinea has the lowest health care workforce ratio among 49 countries prioritized by WHO. HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are major public health concerns in Guinea. The country faces a generalized HIV epidemic; malaria, endemic throughout the country, is the leading cause of medical consultations and deaths. The Global Fund provides a significant portion of the financial resources available for Guinea’s response to HIV, TB and malaria. The Global Fund partnership is supporting Guinea to address systemic challenges and improve decision-making, strengthening essential pillars of the health system, including upgrading its health management information system for better quality data and supply chain management.

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