A lower-middle-income country in Southeast Asia, Laos has enjoyed robust economic growth and declining poverty. Despite its economic progress, roughly 60 percent of Laotians remain at risk of malaria. There is a pressing need to continue expanding mosquito net coverage, as well as early diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of the disease. Laos’ HIV prevalence rate is 0.29 percent among the 15-49 age group, based on 2013 estimates. However, Laos’ increased integration in the regional economy of Southeast Asia is driving a greater HIV infection rate among female sex workers and men who have sex with men. Global Fund-supported programs focus on reaching these groups with prevention and treatment based around behavioral change, condom use and voluntary counseling and testing. Laos also has a high tuberculosis burden and is aiming to halve it through better management of drug-resistant TB, more equitable access to diagnosis and treatment and improved management of its national TB program.

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