Nepal is a low income country in South Asia. It has enjoyed robust economic growth in recent years which is predicted to continue, though two earthquakes in 2015 were a serious setback. The Ministry of Health and Population is central to the health system and coordinates increased participation by the non-governmental sectors. The Ministry is also establishing a primary health care system. While Nepal has a low HIV prevalence rate, key populations such as people who inject drugs and mobile workers are at risk and services are focussed towards them. The vast majority of Nepal’s population is at risk of malaria and efforts are focussed on improved diagnosis and better distribution of mosquito nets. About half of all Nepalese are affected by tuberculosis in some way. A national tuberculosis plan is being supported by international partners such as the Global Fund to accelerate efforts to control the epidemic. The Global Fund also provided emergency support to Nepal to support continued supply of medicines after the 2015 earthquakes.

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