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After two decades of civil war, Somalia’s health system was chronically unstable and nearly destroyed. Global Fund investments are supporting the country’s efforts to rebuild public health facilities, and are prioritizing maternal and child health.

Somalia is an example of the Global Fund’s increased focus on challenging operating environments to address emerging threats to global health security, with flexible and innovative approaches. Budgetary adjustments and flexibility in the supply of health products is enabling UNICEF and World Vision to implement HIV, TB and malaria programs in a volatile environment that often calls for quick changes to programs.

Public health challenges in Somalia are numerous and significant. HIV prevalence is low, but with a generalized epidemic in the northwest zone of Somaliland. Somalia has one of the highest burdens of multidrug-resistant TB in the Middle East and North Africa region. Most cases of multidrug-resistant TB remain unidentified and continue to spread in the communities. Malaria remains an important public health problem in Somalia.


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