Uganda has benefited from two decades of strong economic growth and has reduced poverty by half. Despite this progress and declining poverty rates, the absolute number of poor has decreased very little considering its population growth, and challenges remain with weak infrastructure and a lack of skilled workforce. The country aims to strengthen health and community systems to deliver a more responsive and accountable response to HIV, TB and malaria. Uganda was one of the first African countries to significantly reduce HIV prevalence rates. The AIDS epidemic is still serious as the number of people needing care is high; Uganda works to prevent new HIV infections and provide treatment and support, including to orphans and vulnerable children. Malaria is endemic year-round. The country is accelerating measures to achieve universal coverage of prevention and treatment, with a focus on distribution of bed nets, and diagnosis and treatment. Uganda is ranked among the 22 high-TB burden countries. Programs focus on increasing TB prevention, control, treatment, care and support.

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