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Viet Nam has made much progress in the fight against the three diseases. HIV incidence has declined steadily in the last decade, tuberculosis prevalence and mortality rates have dropped by 4-5 percent annually since 2000, and in 2014 there were 99 percent fewer deaths due to malaria compared to 1994. Viet Nam is also an example of a country that is taking the lead and investing heavily in health, and where our co-financing requirement is boosting the country’s efforts to become more self-sufficient.

Despite the progress, the diseases are still considered significant health problems in the country, particularly among key populations such as people who inject drugs (HIV) or seasonal forest workers (malaria). As a result, Global Fund grants in Viet Nam have evolved to specifically target these populations with prevention and control activities, increased community participation, and removing barriers that prevent access to timely treatment and care.


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