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Zambia has shown strong growth in the last decade, reaching lower-middle-income status. The government contribution to the health sector has doubled between 2011 and 2014 and is expected to increase further. However, the health sector continues to be dependent on external resources, which accounted for 30-40 percent of health expenditure in recent years. Zambia has a serious AIDS epidemic and the country is working to strengthen prevention, care and support for people living with HIV. Malaria is endemic and is the leading cause of illness and death, but the country has made impressive progress by reducing malaria cases and deaths. TB is a major threat, and the risk of infection and co-infection with HIV are very high. The Zambia TB program aims to reduce illness, death and the socio-economic burden associated with TB through the expansion of treatment, improved laboratory services to ensure prompt and accurate diagnosis, and the scale-up of an initiative that links voluntary counseling and testing for HIV with TB case-finding and treatment.


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