French Council of Investors in Africa

Engaging the Francophone private sector in the fight against the diseases

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As a key membership-based business organization, the French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN) partners with the Global Fund to strengthen relationships with the French private sector and accelerate its engagement in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria across sub-Saharan Africa.

This partnership highlights the important role of the private sector in mobilizing resources and driving innovation, as well as in designing new investment opportunities to benefit millions of people in countries most affected by the three diseases.

CIAN membership includes more than 180 companies and brands, active in a wide range of industries that represent a network of over 10,000 establishments across the African continent. This includes leading multinational corporations such as Total, L’Oréal, Vinci and Société Générale. CIAN organizes a Global Health Committee to raise awareness and commitment from its members to fight the epidemics and strengthen health systems in African countries.

The partnership also aims to maximize the impact of Global Fund-supported programs by scaling up prevention and health care activities at the country level, with a focus on workplaces and related communities. In June 2018, CIAN launched the “Santé Entreprise Afrique” (SEA) initiative in Côte d’Ivoire to scale up investments from local corporations for the country’s response to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, as well as other major health issues, resulting in a private sector-led health fund. As of 2020, SEA is managed by the association Santé en Entreprise (SEE), and is now called "Caravane Santé Afrique" (C'SA). The program was rolled out to 6 countries, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal and Togo, and has reached up to 300,000 people. C'SA is now supported by a wider range of organizations, including CIAN, EBCAM (European Business Council for Africa and The Mediterranean), MEDEF International, la Conférence Permanente des Chambres Consulaires Africaines et Francophones (CPCCAF), and several employer organizations from participating countries.

The C'SA program works across 3 main pillars: 

  • Organizing digital campaigns, 
  • The roll-out of caravans for awareness-raising, multi-disease counseling and on-site screening of: HIV, hepatitis B and C, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, arterial hypertension and anemia, 
  • Training health staff in best practices for the detection and treatment of diseases.  

Through its Global Health Commission, CIAN also plays a critical role in supporting the Global Fund’s advocacy efforts with the French and Francophone business community.

"We are proud to join the Global Fund mission. This partnership symbolizes the critical need for cooperation between international organizations and the private sector, and shows that French companies are keen to use their financial and technical resources to support the fight against the three diseases. Their social commitment goes hand-in-hand with their business strategy."
Etienne Giros, Executive Chairman, French Council of Investors in Africa