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An impactful, strategic collaboration

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The Global Fund’s partnership with Ecobank and the Ecobank Foundation began in 2013 and was renewed in 2016 at the Global Fund Fifth Replenishment Conference. At the conference, Ecobank pledged US$3 million in cash and in-kind technical support for 2017-2019.

This impactful, strategic collaboration focuses on several key areas:

  • Saving more lives: Ecobank provides vital support to Global Fund malaria programs both through financial contributions and by catalyzing engagement from like-minded organizations.
  • Strengthening financial management capacity programs: Ecobank supports innovative financial management mentoring and training initiatives for Global Fund implementing partners, to drive effectiveness and greater impact in the fight against the three diseases. Programs in Senegal, South Sudan and Nigeria are complete. Programs in two additional countries are next.
  • Innovative solutions to financial challenges: Ecobank supports the Global Fund and implementing partners in developing innovative solutions to financial challenges through, for example, cash management and mobile money mechanisms.
  • Advocacy: Ecobank advocates for the mission of the Global Fund and its implementing partners by engaging the bank’s customers and employees in awareness campaigns on, for example, World AIDS Day, World Malaria Day and World TB Day.

"This unique partnership demonstrates the commitment of African institutions like Ecobank using their own resources and knowledge to make a significant contribution to sustainable development across Africa. Aligned to our vision and mission to develop Africa, at Ecobank, we help develop the communities we serve."
Carl Manlan, Chief Operating Officer, Ecobank Foundation