Private Sector (including Foundations)

India Health Fund

Private sector leadership for TB and malaria in India

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India has the highest TB burden in the world and one of the highest malaria burdens. To advance the country’s fight to eliminate TB by 2025 and malaria by 2030, new investments, new tools and high-impact solutions are key.

Tata Trusts, in partnership with the Global Fund, launched the India Health Fund as the first platform to aggregate and invest philanthropic capital to accelerate the elimination of TB and malaria in India.

With seed funding of US$15 million from Tata Trusts, the India Health Fund acts as an aggregator of resources from Indian and global foundations, family offices and other private- and public-sector institutions to ensure the efficient review and scale-up of innovative solutions, taking them from “lab to last mile.”

The Global Fund and the India Health Fund collaborate to further the development of new tools to fight TB and malaria through joint resource mobilization, exchange of technical expertise and profile-raising in India and globally on the criticality of innovation to end the epidemics.