The Rockefeller Foundation

Accelerating the use of data for front-line community health service delivery

Current pledge (2020-2022)
US$15 million
Partner since

With the support of a US$15 million investment from The Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Fund’s Data Science Catalytic Fund aims to improve the availability, quality and use of data in Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. The fund leverages an additional US$10 million committed by the Global Fund.

The Data Science Catalytic Fund makes investments that build pathways to transform data and information availability and usage. These investments are expected to strengthen community health information systems not only to allow data to flow up to decision-makers, but also to flow down to benefit community health actors. In addition, the fund aims to unlock opportunities to create sustainable markets enhancing scalability and sustainability of digital solutions that are foundational to community health information systems and health care delivery at large.

Pledge and contribution data updated on: 14 December 2022