Search for Executive Director

Questions & Answers

The Global Fund Board intends to appoint a new Executive Director in 2017. Here, we answer common questions about the search for the new leader.

What is the status of the search for a new Executive Director?

The Executive Director Nomination Committee is supervising the search process. Advertisements were published in leading journals in English, French and Spanish in June 2017. More than 90 applications were received by 21 July 2017, the deadline for applications. At the same time, additional outreach has been performed through Board members and others with networks in the global health sector to identify any highly qualified candidates for Executive Director.

What comes next?

The Executive Director Nomination Committee plans to recommend a list of finalist candidates to the Board at a retreat in the third week of October, together with a final report by the Committee.

Will the identity of the finalist candidates be made public?

Yes, the names of the final candidates will be published on the Global Fund website.

Is the period for submitting applications closed?


Will gender balance and geographic origin be considered?

Yes, the candidate pool spans diverse geographic regions and gender balance was considered.

Will knowledge of the Global Fund Strategy and experience in public health be taken into consideration?

Yes. Each candidate has been reviewed against the criteria outlined in the Executive Director Terms of Reference, as well as taking into account each candidate’s knowledge of and experience with Global Fund strategic issues, notably gender equality, key populations and communities affected by HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. In addition, experience interacting at the highest levels and the candidate’s leadership qualities have been considered.

Will constituencies have an opportunity to submit questions to candidates?

Yes, Board constituencies are invited to provide any comments or questions to the dedicated email inbox at , which is being curated by Russell Reynolds Associates. These will be combined into a limited number of interview questions asked by the Board. There will be additional opportunities for constituent engagement with candidates, see below.

What will happen after the Board retreat?

A three-week constituency engagement period will take place after the Board Retreat and before the Board Meeting in November. During that time, the final candidates will hold calls with the Board constituencies, enabling the candidates and the constituencies to speak openly, answer questions and address issues of mutual concern. Staff Council will also be invited to participate in one call per candidate. Throughout this phase, comments and input can be delivered through a dedicated inbox: .

How with the Global Fund’s Staff Council be involved?

The Executive Director Nomination Committee was keen to involve Staff Council as early as possible in the selection process. The Committee has solicited Staff Council’s input in terms of what are the priorities and specific areas of concern that staff have about the new Executive Director. In addition, Staff Council will be invited to participate in the constituency engagement calls with the candidates, which will be held in the three weeks leading up to the November Board meeting.

How will the final decision about the successful candidate be made?

The appointment of the next Executive Director will be made by the Board at the Board Meeting in November, in a closed session. An announcement is expected on the same day.