Search for Executive Director

Update on the Search for an Executive Director

21 August 2017

In June and July, advertisements for the position of Executive Director appeared were published in The Economist, Jeune Afrique, Le Monde and La Nacion (in English, French and Spanish.) The deadline for submitting applications was Friday, 21 July 2017, and 92 applications were received. At the same time, additional outreach has been performed through Board members and others with networks in the global health sector to identify any highly qualified candidates for Executive Director. Outreach will continue until the Executive Director Nomination Committee meets in the first week of September to finalize a long-list of candidates to be interviewed. Candidates will undergo rigorous due diligence and background checks. The Committee will conduct two rounds of in-person interviews, and final candidates will be presented to the Board at a retreat in the third week of October, together with a final report by the Committee. The names of the final candidates will then be published.

A three-week constituency engagement period will take place after the Board Retreat and before the Board Meeting in November. During that time, the final candidates will hold calls with the Board constituencies, enabling the candidates and the constituencies to speak openly, answer questions and address issues of mutual concern. Staff Council will also be invited to participate in one call per candidate. Throughout this phase, comments and input can be delivered through a dedicated inbox: .

The Board intends to select the next Executive Director at the Board Meeting in November 2017.

Ambassador Michèle Boccoz, Chair
Professor Vinand Nantulya, Vice-Chair
2017 Executive Director Nomination Committee