Sourcing & Management of Health Products - Updates

Opportunity for Evaluation of Selected Medicines-Delamanid 50 mg tablets

11 August 2021

Suppliers are informed that an ad hoc ERP process has been granted for the following formulation:

  • Active Name: Delamanid
  • Concentration: 50mg
  • Formulation: tablets

Therefore, suppliers of the said formulation that are neither WHO prequalified nor SRA approved but who wish to be reviewed by the Expert Review Panel (ERP), are invited to submit all relevant documents as per current procedure. The same will be published on The Global Fund website and included in the next publication for expression of interest for pharmaceutical products, which should be published in the coming weeks. Please note that this is an open invitation as for all ad hoc ERP reviews; therefore no deadline for submission is envisaged at present.

For more information visit the Expert Review Panel page.

The Technical Product Questionnaire can be downloaded under:

  • Interagency finished pharmaceutical product questionnaire
    download in English

We would like to remind you that Documentation should be submitted by electronic means only (either via CD, a USB key or file transfer). Because of new IT security policy, please liaise in advance with the contact address below to ensure that file transfer software is acceptable to The Global Fund. Files should be named to reflect their content (e.g. "Covering Letter.pdf"). For ease of reference, electronically submitted annexes to the questionnaire should be named according to the letters on the list of annexes on page 17 of the questionnaire (e.g. "A.pdf" for information on the formulation of the product). Please keep the naming of the files and annexes as short as possible (e.g. "A.pdf").

Regarding the technical evaluation, it is mandatory to submit a sample of the finished product offered (one pack of one of the available packaging size is sufficient).

Submissions should be sent to the following Address of the TGF QA team: 

Should you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to: