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    20 Years of Partnership:
    07 June 2021
    This month marks the 20th anniversary of a watershed event in the story of AIDS activism and the creation of the Global Fund: the first United Nations (UN) special session on HIV and AIDS. As the 2021 UN high-level meeting on HIV and AIDS kicks off, we showcase five examples of the many triumphs achieved by activists in two decades of fighting the pandemic.
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    United Against Malaria
    23 April 2021
    The fight against malaria is one of humanity’s biggest public health successes, but over the past year the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted progress against the disease and threatened to derail hard-won gains.
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    Fighting Two Airborne Pandemics in India: TB and COVID-19
    24 March 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on the fight against tuberculosis worldwide, as many of the resources required to fight TB – labs, testing machines, health workers – have been diverted to fight COVID-19
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    Women Leading the Charge to End Diseases
    08 March 2021
    In global health, women are often the difference between a community that beats diseases and one that doesn’t. Around the world, the work of the Global Fund partnership is mainly led by women, who challenge existing gender and social norms, empower communities and save lives. On International Women’s Day, we celebrate these women, who continue to fearlessly fight against the world’s three deadliest diseases – HIV, TB and malaria – and are now on the frontlines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    El Salvador Triumphs Over Malaria
    01 March 2021
    El Salvador has become the first country in Central America to be certified malaria-free. This extraordinary achievement follows more than 50 years of commitment, hard work and community involvement. Speaking from villages, riverbanks and rural clinics, frontline health workers and malaria volunteers shared stories of what it took to eliminate the deadly parasite, and how they plan to keep their country malaria-free in the long term.
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    Protecting the most vulnerable in Latin America and the Caribbean during times of COVID-19
    10 February 2021
    Latin America and the Caribbean have made significant progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the last few decades. But the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the region hard, and its indirect effects could allow infectious diseases to resurge.