United Against Malaria

The fight against malaria is one of humanity’s biggest public health successes, but over the past year the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted progress against the disease and threatened to derail hard-won gains.

But there is hope. In the face of unprecedented challenges, global health partners and communities have become more agile and innovative, adapting lifesaving programs to reach vulnerable people despite COVID-19 disruptions. For example, by distributing mosquito nets and medication door to door in 2020, more than 160 million mosquito nets were distributed, and 30 million children received seasonal malaria chemoprevention – a preventative treatment provided to children under 5.

On World Malaria Day, we celebrate the innovation and unrelenting determination of our global health partners in the fight to end malaria. Learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the fight against malaria and how communities and health workers are adapting to keep programs going in the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Disruption Snapshot (download in English | Français).

When Health Crises Collide – Tackling Malaria, COVID-19 and Ebola in Burundi (UNDP)

The improved health infrastructure developed as part of the malaria and Ebola response and increased investments in medical equipment means Burundi is better prepared to respond to new disease outbreaks such as COVID-19.

The Americas Unite for Malaria Elimination (United Nations Foundation)

The Americas have made significant progress in reaching the milestone of eliminating malaria throughout the region and simultaneously strengthening health systems. However, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to undo this progress unless collective action is taken.

El Salvador Certified as Malaria-free (WHO)

El Salvador became the first country in Central America to be awarded a certification of malaria elimination by the World Health Organization (WHO). The certification follows more than 50 years of commitment by the Salvadoran government and people to ending the disease in a country with dense population and a geography hospitable to malaria.

Reaching for Zero Malaria in Nigeria (Nothing But Nets)

Nigeria is home to the highest number of global malaria cases and deaths. Global malaria partners have aligned to support the ambitious goals of the Nigerian government in its quest to eliminate malaria in the country.

Guardians of a Continent (The Global Fund)

Every time Evaline Owuor says goodbye to her children and goes to work, she takes a calculated risk. As a community health worker in Kenya’s Homa Bay County, she has helped her community dramatically reduce the number of people who die from malaria. And when COVID-19 arrived, she enlisted to fight the new enemy.

Bill Gates: How COVID-19 is Disrupting the Way we Fight Malaria (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

COVID-19 disrupts the entire global health care system. As we turn our attention to stopping COVID-19, it’s essential that we don’t give malaria a new opportunity.

Responding to the Dual Challenges of Malaria and COVID-19 in Malaysia (RBM Partnership to End Malaria)

Despite the negative impact on malaria service delivery, Malaysia has taken strategic steps to ensure malaria control and prevention activities are not interrupted during COVID-19.

Malaria and COVID-19: Q&A with Dr. Scott Filler (The Global Fund)

Dr. Scott Filler, Head of Malaria at the Global Fund, answers questions about the impact of COVID-19 on malaria and how we’re working to unite to fight the two diseases with our partners around the world.

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Published: 23 April 2021