Technical Evaluation Reference Group


The Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) is an independent evaluation advisory group, accountable to the Board of the Global Fund for ensuring independent evaluation of the Global Fund business model, investments and impact.

The TERG oversees independent evaluations on behalf of the Board and its committees. It also oversees the evaluation functions performed by the Secretariat and advises the Global Fund Secretariat on evaluation approaches and practices, independence, reporting procedures and other technical and managerial aspects of monitoring and evaluation at all levels.

Membership of the TERG is drawn from a range of stakeholders, including practitioners, research institutions, academics, from donor and recipient countries and nongovernmental organizations. Members of the TERG are appointed by the Board of the Global Fund. They serve in their personal capacities, do not represent their employers, governments or organizations and are institutionally independent of the Secretariat, the Board and Board committees.

The TERG is chaired by Dr James Tulloch, an independent health and development consultant.

The TERG Vice-Chairs are Dr Bess Miller, global public health consultant, and Dr Wuleta Lemma, director of the Center for Global Health Equity and country director of Tulane Ethiopia Project at Tulane University, United States.