2009 Five-Year Evaluation

The Five-year Evaluation was a major effort to review the first five years of functioning and performance of the Global Fund as an institution and a partnership, and to identify areas of strength and weakness that would lead to improving day-to-day operations. The Technical Evaluation Reference Group conducted the evaluation after approval by the Global Fund Board.

Five-Year Evaluation

  • Five-Year Evaluation of the Global Fund Synthesis Report Summary
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  • Five-Year Evaluation of the Global Fund Synthesis Report
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The Five-Year Evaluation looked at three areas:

Study area 1: Organizational efficiency

Does the Global Fund as an organization (Board, Secretariat, Technical Review Panel, Local Fund Agents) through both its policies and operations, reflect the core principles, including:

  1. Acting as a financial instrument rather than implementation agency; and
  2. Furthering country ownership?

In fulfilling these principles, does the Global Fund as an organization perform in an efficient and effective manner?

Study area 2: Partnership environment

How effective and efficient is the Global Fund partnership system in supporting HIV, TB and malaria programs at the global and country levels?

Study area 3: Health impact

What is the Global Fund’s contribution to reducing the burden of the three diseases? What has been the overall reduction on the burden of the three diseases?


Study area 1 was completed in November 2007 and examined the organizational efficiency and effectiveness of the Global Fund, its progress to date and critical areas for improvement. Study area 2, which examined the Global Fund’s partner environment in 16 countries and at the global level, was presented to the Board in November 2008. Study area 3, the health impact evaluation, involved the examination of the collective impact on the burden of AIDS, TB and malaria in 18 countries, and was the most extensive component of the Five-Year Evaluation. It, along with the synthesis report, was presented to the Board in May 2009.

360° Stakeholder Assessment

  • Five-Year Evaluation 360° Stakeholder Assessment Evaluation Brief
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  • Five-Year Evaluation 360° Stakeholder Assessment Report
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The Global Fund places strong emphasis on the involvement of stakeholders from all sectors and all regions in the design, operation and assessment of its work. Accordingly, to prioritize issues for the Five-Year Evaluation, the Global Fund commissioned an independent assessment of stakeholder opinion on the Global Fund. The 360˚ Stakeholder Assessment was implemented in 2006 to solicit feedback on the organization’s reputation, performance, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide critical insight into diverse stakeholder perspectives.

Its results had a formative role in shaping the focus and methodology of the Five-Year Evaluation. Overall, the results showed that stakeholders generally held high opinions of the Global Fund’s reputation and performance, and supported the approach to the Five-Year Evaluation.