Technical Evaluation Reference Group

Prospective Country Evaluations

Starting in 2017, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group has been taking a close look at the implementation, effectiveness and impact of Global Fund-supported programs in eight selected countries: Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Mozambique, Myanmar, Senegal, Sudan and Uganda. These in-depth, country-level prospective evaluations utilized a variety of methods to generate ongoing evidence on program implementation to inform stakeholders and accelerate meeting the strategic objectives of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022.

The Synthesis Reports from 2018 and 2019 focus on the funding request and grant-making processes and the Global Fund business model. The 2020 Synthesis Report includes “deep dives” on specific issues for each country. Finally, the 2021 Synthesis Report, building on previous reports, examined the full grant cycle, through the lens of equity, RSSH and sustainability. The TERG Position Paper for the 2021 PCE Synthesis Report and the Secretariat Management Response to this report are available for download, as well as the four PCE Synthesis Reports.

  • TERG Position Paper
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  • Secretariat Management Response
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  • PCE Synthesis Report 2021
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  • PCE Synthesis Report 2020
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  • PCE Synthesis Report 2019
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  • PCE Synthesis Report 2018
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Prospective country evaluations established country platforms that supported dynamic, continuous monitoring and evaluation, learning and problem-solving. They aimed to:

  • Examine and analyze implementation of Global Fund strategic objectives
  • Provide continuous information to allow countries and the Global Fund Secretariat to adapt and adjust program implementation
  • Identify challenges that impede programmed performance and opportunities to inform and improve program quality for impact, effectiveness, and value for money
  • Measure program contributions to impact
  • Strengthen country monitoring and evaluation systems for robust measurement
  • Identify and disseminate best practices to improve the Global Fund model