Strategic Reviews

As part of its responsibilities, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group periodically performs strategic reviews on the work of the Global Fund and the implementation of its strategies. The latest is the Strategic Review 2020 (SR2020).


  • Technical Evaluation Reference Group Position Paper: Strategic Review 2020
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  • Strategic Review 2020 - Final Report - Vol 1
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  • Strategic Review 2020 - Vol 2 - Annexes
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  • Global Fund Secretariat Management Response to Strategic Review 2020 (SR2020)
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The three main objectives of SR2020 were:

  1. To assess the outcomes and impact of Global Fund investments against the goals and objectives of the 2017–2022 Strategy at its mid-term.
  2. To assess operationalization and implementation of the current Strategy at its mid-term.
  3. To provide an evidence-informed rationale for integrating lessons learned during the first half of the 2017–2022 Strategy, and how to position the Global Fund within the global field of health development organizations in its post-2022 strategic cycle.

SR2017 and SR2015

The Group has previously commissioned two other strategic reviews. 

  • Strategic Review 2017
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  • Strategic Review 2015
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