Ecobank Partnership: Expanding Contributions to Health in Liberia

30 August 2018

Financial management skills are vital in order for Global Fund implementing partners to play their part in transforming Africa. In partnership with the Global Fund, Ecobank – one of Africa’s largest banks – is supporting the efficient, effective implementation of health programs in Liberia. Working together with civil society and the government, we are ensuring that more people have access to quality care and treatment.

Ecobank Liberia, partnered with the Global Fund, held a set of workshops over the past two weeks for employees at the Liberian Ministry of Health. The workshops focused on helping employees with financial roles increase efficiency, clarify roles and responsibilities and improve collaboration.

Leveraging Ecobank’s financial expertise, we’re helping key health actors in Liberia contribute to attaining SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. For example, the programs running this week and next will help finance teams become more efficient on core processes such as cash disbursements, and will clarify roles and responsibilities to facilitate better collaboration.

“At Ecobank, we are convinced that health leaders need to be equipped with the right financial management skills,” says George Mensah-Asante, Managing Director, Ecobank Liberia. “Our goal is to invest the skills and the resources of our employees and our organization to support Africa’s transformation.”

The Ecobank-Global Fund partnership began in 2013 and reflects a shared belief that health security is an important lever for economic transformation. Quality health delivery requires stronger systems. In Liberia and previously Senegal, South Sudan, Nigeria and Chad, Ecobank is helping to end epidemics by building better financial management systems, through training and coaching delivered by specialist consultancy Humentum. More countries will follow.

Ecobank is also bringing many more voices to advocate for better access to health services – mobilizing employees across the continent on World AIDS Day, for example. This typically includes health seminars to employees, free HIV testing in bank offices; in some countries this has been extended to customers, too.

Together, we are working to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for good in Africa.