Results Methodology

08 November 2018

The Global Fund has published a new Results Methodology page on its website, explaining the data sources and methodology used as a basis for our results reporting.

The Global Fund is committed to reporting results and impact, and we make data available on the Global Fund website, in reports, information papers and numerous other formats. Everyone in the Global Fund partnership contributes to our collective efforts against HIV, TB and malaria, and it is critically important that we measure and report our joint progress as effectively as possible.  

The Global Fund reports full national results for the countries where we invest, rather than reporting solely on the specific projects or interventions we fund. This reflects a core principle of the Global Fund: that we support national health programs and strategies to achieve national goals. By reporting full national results, we can show the impact of the programs we support together with all partners, and demonstrate where countries are on the trajectory toward achieving 2030 targets to end the epidemics.

While we focus our results reporting on national results, we also monitor and report on the performance of specific programs and interventions funded by Global Fund grants to ensure we are delivering value for money.