Technical Review Panel Report on Investments in Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health

06 December 2018

The Global Fund invests significantly in programs to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. To maximize the impact of investments in these disease programs and sustain gains for the longer term, including beyond Global Fund support, important investments also need to be made in resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH). The Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022, in fact, identifies RSSH as one of four core objectives for our partnership.

At the request of the Global Fund Board’s Strategy Committee, the Technical Review Panel undertook a review of funding requests submitted in 2017-2019 that included investments in RSSH. The review gathers lessons learned from the Technical Review Panel’s assessment of these funding requests and makes recommendations on key strategic changes needed to strengthen the Global Fund’s investments in RSSH in the future.

The panel’s report notes the main successes and challenges in RSSH funding requests in this allocation period; provides high-level findings for the attention of the Strategy Committee and Secretariat, as well as specific recommendations on the different health systems components for technical partners and applicants; and makes recommendations regarding the application processes for RSSH funding in the next allocation period.

  • Technical Review Panel Report on Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health Investments in the 2017-2019 Funding Cycle
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