Updates - 2019

Technical Review Panel Observations on the 2017-2019 Allocation Cycle

24 October 2019

This month in France, the world re-affirmed its commitment to the Global Fund’s mission of accelerating the end of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria as epidemics. Reaching this goal and maximizing the impact of investments requires the Global Fund and our partners to actively learn from what we are doing and do better. A recently released report from the Technical Review Panel on the funding requests submitted in the 2017-2019 allocation cycle is just such an opportunity to reflect, adapt, and step up the fight before the next cycle begins.

Charged with evaluating funding requests for strategic focus, technical soundness and potential for impact, the Technical Review Panel reviewed each of the 225 applications in 2017-2019. At the request of the Strategy Committee of the Global Fund Board, the Technical Review Panel reflected upon these funding requests, identifying key trends, lessons learned, and recommendations for each of the diseases and for resilient and sustainable systems for health.

The panel’s recommendations include:

  • Improving the setting of priorities
  • Increasing the focus on prevention and reducing incidence
  • Strengthening cross-cutting programming in resilient and sustainable systems for health
  • Strengthening community systems
  • Increasing attention to sustainability and transition

The Technical Review Panel advises that their recommendations be considered as countries develop their funding requests for 2020-2022: