Updates - 2020

Data Explorer: Program Budgets

23 June 2020

The Global Fund Data Explorer now features program budgets for grants from the 2017-2019 allocation period going forward.

Navigate to the locations, components, grants or partners tabs at the top of the Data Explorer and scroll down to the interactive “Budgets” visualizations to explore budgets by location, component, partner type or grant implementation period. You can view the budgets by:

  • Budget flow: How the data break down through cascading levels of detail from modules to investment landscapes to cost categories
  • Time/cycle: The breakdown over time

These budgets are one of the first areas on the Data Explorer where we have added functionality to drill deeper into the data – in this case to better understand where financial resources are being allocated.

The Data Explorer visualizes where Global Fund investments come from, where they are and what they achieve by providing pledge and contribution data, grant financial data, and results data at global, regional and country levels. The data behind the site and our API are available through the Global Fund Data Service.