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Senegal: Tracing TB

20 March 2017

In 2015, 10.4 million people worldwide fell ill with tuberculosis. Forty percent of them were never reported, diagnosed or treated – they are the “missing” cases. This video highlights the rise of community-based organizations on the frontlines to find missing cases in Senegal. Each year, approximately 8,000 TB cases are reported in Senegal with half of them concentrated in Dakar, the capital city.

Led by dedicated volunteers like Ramatoulaye and Mamadou, thousands of volunteers screen the hardest-hit neighborhoods in search of people who may be ill. Their mission is critical: if people with active TB don’t receive treatment, they won’t survive – and they can infect others.

Through investments in community systems, volunteers can help not only raise awareness and fight stigma, they also improve access to TB health services, treatment and care, leading to healthier communities.

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