Wambo.org is an innovative tool developed by the Global Fund to grant increased access to quality-assured, affordable health products to countries.

Wambo.org is an online, easy-to-use purchasing platform designed to provide greater visibility on product availability and the lowest possible prices for a growing number of product catalogues. Wambo.org gives Principal Recipients of Global Fund grants direct access to thousands of health-related products and pharmaceuticals. It gives in-country procurement teams the power to search, compare, purchase and track the delivery of transparently priced, quality-assured products. It can improve market visibility, simplify orders, and improve delivery time.

Wambo.org is open to all recipients of Global Fund grants. Those with substantial long-term requirements will benefit from economies of scale of the Global Fund’s purchasing power, with prices for key products negotiated through our long term agreements with suppliers.

Wambo.org also offers many benefits to suppliers, including:

  • Increased market exposure for innovative, new-to-market global health products
  • Direct and guaranteed payment
  • Standardized purchase-to-pay processes that reduce inefficiencies
  • Decreases in order lead time

Ultimately, the plan is to expand use wambo.org to all users with external sources of funding. As a vehicle for knowledge transfer in procurement and as a driver of value for money, it will support efficient and sustainable domestic health investment.

Wambo.org supports the Global Fund’s focus on achieving ever greater impact for investments in public health to accelerate the end of HIV, TB and malaria as epidemics. Through partnership and innovation, we are able to leverage advances in technology and economies of scale to provide better value for money in health spending.

More information is available at wambo.org. Please direct questions to .