• Replenishment Mechanism

    The Global Fund convenes donor governments to discuss continued funding, known as replenishment, on a three-year cycle.

    The Fourth Replenishment took place in 2013 to secure financing for Global Fund-supported programs for the period 2014-2016. Over the course of 2013, a series of meetings have been held for donors to consider funding needs, the latest information about the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria, and the potential for financial contributions for the coming three years. A pledging conference was convened in December 2013, hosted by the United States government in Washington, D.C.

    Up to now, approximately 95 percent of financial support to the Global Fund has come from donor governments; the remaining 5 percent from private foundations, corporate donors and individuals. More than 50 countries have, to date, contributed significant resources to support the work of the Global Fund.

    The Replenishment mechanism was established by the Board in October 2003, rather than relying on ad hoc contributions as had been done up to that point. Instituting a multiyear financial cycle allows for greater predictability and enables both the Global Fund and implementing countries to establish long-term plans for fighting the three diseases.