About the Global Fund Website

RSS Feeds

Whenever the Global Fund publishes a new update, news release or business opportunity, you can automatically receive a notification by using our really simple syndication (RSS) feeds. 


Our RSS feeds provide information on specific topics and are generated using English langauge content as the source of data:

Page Description RSS feed
All Updates All updates from the feeds for Data Explorer, Funding Model, Office of the Inspector General, Sourcing & Management of Health Products, and other updates RSS
Stories Feature stories RSS
Business Opportunities Open tenders RSS
Data Updates Updates on the Global Fund Data Explorer and Data Service sites RSS
Individual Consultancies Open consultancy opportunities RSS
Funding Model Updates Updates related to our funding model RSS
News News releases RSS
Office of the Inspector General Updates Updates on investigations and audits RSS
Sourcing & Management of Health Products Updates Updates on sourcing conferences, product evaluations and more RSS


RSS is a way of seeing new content on a website without having to visit the website to look for it.

To follow an RSS feed:

  1. Select an RSS reader. There are a number of free readers, including RSS features built into email programs, RSS extensions for web browsers, dedicated RSS software programs and RSS-to-email services. Search for a reader based on the email program, web browser or computer you use.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up the reader, including copying and pasting the address of the feed you want to follow into the reader.