Country Coordinating Mechanism

The Global Fund / John Rae


Country Coordinating Mechanisms are national committees that submit funding applications to the Global Fund and oversee grants on behalf of the entire country. They are a key element of the Global Fund partnership.

The Country Coordinating Mechanism includes representatives of all sectors involved in the response to the diseases: multilateral or bilateral agencies, government, nongovernmental organizations, civil society, academic institutions, technical agencies, faith-based organizations, the private sector and – especially – people living with the diseases.

The Country Coordinating Mechanism:

  • Coordinates the development of the national request for funding
  • Nominates the Principal Recipient
  • Oversees the implementation of approved grants
  • Approves any reprogramming requests
  • Ensures linkages and consistency between Global Fund grants and other national health and development programs


To contact a Country Coordinating Mechanism or see its leadership, use the Coordinating Mechanism Contacts tool.

To contact the Global Fund Secretariat with questions or feedback, email .