Country Coordinating Mechanism


Country Coordinating Mechanisms are national committees in each country that submit funding applications to the Global Fund on behalf of the entire country. They include representatives from government, the private sector, technical partners, civil society and communities living with the diseases. They are a key element of the Global Fund partnership.

The Country Coordinating Mechanism:

  • Coordinates the development of the national request for funding
  • Nominates the Principal Recipient
  • Oversees the implementation of approved grants
  • Approves any reprogramming requests
  • Ensures linkages and consistency between Global Fund grants and other national health and development programs

The Country Coordinating Mechanism includes representatives of all sectors involved in the response to the diseases: multilateral or bilateral agencies, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, faith-based organization, the private sector and – especially – people living with the diseases.

Country Coordinating Mechanism Orientation Program

The CCM Orientation Program helps CCMs improve their performance by providing members with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their responsibilities. The program includes a briefing to the whole CCM on the functionality of the training, a series of e-learning modules that each member can complete at their own pace, and face-to-face support in country by consultants.

CCM members can take part by asking their Fund Portfolio Manager. The training is also available for CCM secretariats, committee members and other stakeholders.


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