Country Coordinating Mechanism

Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution

Since the Global Fund’s founding, Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) have had a central role in the Global Fund partnership. Today, to better deliver on the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022, the CCM model is evolving and CCM ethics are being strengthened.

In May 2018, the Global Fund Board approved the first phase of an evolution approach and additional funding for 2018 and 2019 to strengthen a first group of CCMs to better carry out their function. It also approved a code of conduct for CCM members.

How do the new Global Fund Board decisions affect CCMs?

The Board decisions that affect CCMs include:

  1. Approval of revised Guidelines and Requirements for CCMs, now called the CCM Policy
  2. Approval of the CCM Code of Ethical Conduct for CCM Members and funding for its implementation
  3. Funding to support the first phase of implementation for CCM Evolution for selected countries (2018-2019)
What are the revisions to the CCM Policy?

The previous Guidelines and Requirements for CCMs document has been revised and is now referred to as the CCM Policy. It is available for download:

The revisions reflected in the CCM Policy include:

  • A description of the differentiated models of CCMs and maturity levels
  • Simplified guidelines and greater clarity on CCM’s performance management
  • Updates to eligibility requirement on conflict of interest to include ethics more broadly, including the implementation and enforcement of the Code of Ethical Conduct for CCM members
What does this mean for CCMs?
  • All CCMs will be required to update their ethics standards, as explained further below.
  • While the CCM Policy applies to all CCMs, a more in-depth engagement with 18 CCMs will be conducted as part of the first phase implementation for CCM Evolution, to strengthen CCM performance. Lessons learned from phase I of the evolution will be introduced at its conclusion.
  • For the CCMs that are not part of the first phase of implementation, limited performance or budgetary changes will apply until lessons learnt from the phase first of implementation.
  • Each CCM will fall into one of three categories, and each category will have its own performance expectations:
    • Standard CCMs: Standard CCMs are CCMs that do not fall into the two other categories.
    • Transition preparedness CCMs: Countries that are preparing to transition from Global Fund financing.
    • CCMs in challenging contexts: This group is composed of countries that are under the Additional Safeguards Policy and/or categorized as challenging operating environments.

Code of Ethical Conduct

What is the new Code of Ethical Conduct?

The new Code of Ethical Conduct for CCM Members:

  • Articulates how the Global Fund’s values of duty of care, accountability, integrity, and dignity and respect are to be translated at the CCM level.
  • It sets ethical expectations of CCMs and strengthens ethical accountabilities.
  • Code of Conduct operationalization includes an expansion of the eligibility requirement on conflict of interest to one that covers ethics more broadly. This is reflected both in the new CCM Policy and will be reflected in the revised Eligibility and Performance Assessment.
What changes will this bring for CCMs?
  • In the next year, all CCMs will be required to approve the CCM Code of Conduct and update their conflict of interest policies. The specifics of ethics operationalization and enforcement activities, which will include appointment of ethics focal points, training, certification, and increased disclosures of affiliations and conflicts of interest will be rolled out throughout the year in coordination with the evolution reforms.

Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution

What is the first phase for the implementation of the CCM Evolution project?
  • The implementation of CCM Evolution will be done in phases. The first phase (2018-2019) will consist of implementing activities for selected CCMs:
  • There are 18 CCMs selected to participate in the first phrase, chosen to represent different types of CCMs and different levels of maturity:
Standard CCMs Transition preparedness CCMs CCMs in challenging contexts
Burkina Faso*
Papua New Guinea
Congo (Democratic Republic)

*Countries where GIZ will fund during the first phase

  • The results and lessons learned from the first phase will inform future discussions at the Global Fund in order to refine and align the investment for CCMs in the next allocation cycle. Subject to available funding, the Secretariat could increase implementation to a greater number of CCMs in the next allocation cycle.
What changes will this bring for CCMs?
  • The Secretariat will develop updated documentation and guidance materials in summer 2018 and share them with the 18 CCMs thereafter.
  • The Global Fund activities will be implemented in October 2018 for the selected CCMs aimed at strengthening CCM performance in four improvement areas:

    • CCM functioning: Systematizing activities that have demonstrated to improve CCM functioning.
    • Linkages: Maximizing the collaboration and coordination between the CCM and the other forums; on a case by case basis, evaluating opportunities to integrate CCMs into national structures.
    • Oversight: Professionalizing the oversight function to maximize impact on grant performance; ensuring that the CCM oversight function is better integrated with portfolio management.
    • Engagement: Stimulating a strong and committed CCM leadership; ensuring better communication between CCM members and their constituency members.
  • This approach provides an opportunity for CCMs to confirm their continued commitment to strengthening CCM and grant performance through visible results.
  • For the CCMs that are not part of the first phase of implementation, the Global Fund encourages them to continue their efforts in strengthening CCM performance in engagement, linkages, oversight and CCM functioning.
  • The results and lessons learnt from the first phase of implementation, along with the Global Fund’s decision regarding future investment in CCMs, will be shared after the completion of the first phase of implementation.

Additional information and documents will be added to this page as they become available.