Country Coordinating Mechanism

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Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution

Country Coordinating Mechanisms are the Global Fund’s contribution to health governance to help end HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. These entities provide a solid and inclusive foundation to respond to the three diseases as well as existing and emerging global health challenges. The CCM Evolution Strategic Initiative is a catalytic opportunity to enhance the way our partnership works.

Objectives and anticipated results

The objective of CCM Evolution is to increase CCM maturity across core responsibilities of health governance to end diseases through:

  • Oversight: Active oversight of existing and emerging investments
  • Engagement: Meaningful, inclusive and active participation of key stakeholders
  • Positioning: Working within national structures and existing emerging platforms to increase efficiency of health investments
  • Operations: CCM Secretariats’ core functions (including the code of conduct), enabling and sustaining health governance

Anticipated results are more mature CCMs with an increased agility to sustain health governance through existing and emerging health threats.

More details are in our overview documents:

  • Evolving Country Coordinating Mechanisms to Deliver on the Global Fund Strategy
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  • 2020-2022 Allocation: Sources and Uses of Funds
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CCM Evolution started with a pilot implemented from 2018 to 2019. The next phase, global implementation for more than 100 CCMs and Regional Coordinating Mechanisms, incorporates lessons learned from the 18 pilot countries and consultations with more than 680 stakeholders.

As of April 2020, global implementation of CCM Evolution is on hold. Implementation plans are being re-examined to ensure interventions enhance CCM health governance contributions without any disruption to the critical response to COVID-19 and to funding request development. When available, the Global Fund Secretariat will communicate more information to CCMs.

More details are available in the CCM section of our COVID-19 response questions and answers:

  • Question and Answers: Supporting Countries and Grants during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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The CCM Evolution started in 2018 with a pilot in 18 countries and a focus on sustainably increasing the maturity of CCM performance in four areas: overseeing grants, ensuring linkages with national structures, engaging key stakeholders and strengthening how CCMs function. The results and lessons learned from the pilot were presented to the Global Fund Board and serve as the foundation for the global implementation of CCM Evolution. In 2019 the Board approved a US$15 million strategic initiative to support the implementation.

More details are in our overview:

  • Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution: Summary of the Pilot
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