Country Coordinating Mechanism

Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution

Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) have had a central role in the Global Fund partnership since our founding. Today, to better deliver on the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022, the CCM model and structures are being strengthened through the CCM Evolution project.


The pilot implementation phase of the project, running from September 2018 through the end of 2019, aims to improve the performance of CCMs. The results and lessons learned from the phase will inform an investment case, to be presented to the Global Fund Board, with the aim of evolving the CCM model for 2020 and beyond.

Eighteen CCMs are participating in the pilot phase. They were selected to represent different types of CCMs and at different maturity levels. Each CCM:

Contextual groupings

The 18 participating CCMs each fall into one contextual grouping, and each grouping has its own performance expectations:

Standard CCMs
CCMs that do not fall into the two other categories
Transition preparedness CCMs
Countries preparing to transition from Global Fund financing
CCMs in challenging contexts
Countries under the Additional Safeguards Policy and/or categorized as challenging operating environments
Burkina Faso*
Papua New Guinea
Congo (Democratic Republic)

*Countries where GIZ provides funding during the pilot phase

Maturity levels

Each participating CCM also falls into one of three maturity levels:

  • Functional: CCMs working to develop basic governance practices, such as conflict of interest management and information transparency
  • Engaged: CCMs with stronger governance practices, effective engagement with civil society including key populations, and grant oversight and risk management
  • Strategic: CCMs that strategically engage at the national level and tackle issues regarding long-term sustainability and influence on national programs

The project seeks to advance CCMs along the maturity levels.

Focus areas

The participating CCMs receive varying levels of support – depending on their contextual groupings and maturity levels – to implement activities in four focus areas:

  • CCM functioning: Systematizing activities that have demonstrated to improve CCM functioning
  • Linkages: Maximizing the collaboration and coordination between the CCM and the other forums; on a case by case basis, evaluating opportunities to integrate CCMs into national structures
  • Oversight: Professionalizing the oversight function to maximize impact on grant performance; ensuring that the CCM oversight function is better integrated with portfolio management
  • Engagement: Stimulating a strong and committed CCM leadership; ensuring better communication between CCM members and their constituency members

For more information on the CCM Evolution project, see:

The Global Fund encourages CCMs not participating in the pilot phase to continue their efforts in looking for ways to strengthen their performance.