Country Coordinating Mechanism

The Global Fund / John Rae


Recognizing the important role of Country Coordinating Mechanisms in our partnership, the Global Fund provides funding to cover their operational costs.

Country Coordinating Mechanisms can apply for funding, which comes from the Global Fund’s operating expenses, for eligible expenditures that contribute to their performance and planning. The combination of financial and technical cooperation from stakeholders in country complements the support for the operation of Country Coordinating Mechanisms.


The funding agreement process can take 1-2 months. Funding is then available for up to three years.

A detailed look at the funding process is available in our overview:

  • Country Coordinating Mechanism Funding Process Overview
    download in English

The Operational Policy Note on Country Coordinating Mechanism Funding describes the rules and requirements that Country Coordinating Mechanisms must follow to receive funding. The note is contained in section 1.9 of the Operational Policy Manual, available for download below.


The Country Coordinating Mechanism Funding Policy, approved in 2016:

  • Allocates a three-year funding envelope to the Country Coordinating Mechanism, allowing for more predictability
  • Takes a performance-based funding approach so funding to the Country Coordinating Mechanism and its Secretariat takes into account their performance
  • Centralizes management of funding agreements and disbursements within the Global Fund

Our policies, guidelines and templates are available here for download. Please check this page and download the most recent versions before starting the application process.