Private Sector (including Foundations)

Pledges at Global Fund Seventh Replenishment Conference
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Smart, effective health investments through the Global Fund have saved millions of lives. This striking progress was achieved through our unique partnership model in which private sector and nongovernment partners play a vital role.

Our partnership presents an unprecedented opportunity for corporations, foundations, charities, trusts, philanthropists and nongovernment organizations to make a significant impact in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. With new, innovative solutions to and partners in health financing, we can move faster to end these diseases.

Invaluable Contributions

US$3.6 billion
private and nongovernment contributions
to the Global Fund
as of January 2022

Private sector and nongovernment partners have contributed over US$3.6 billion as of January 2022 to expand the reach of Global Fund investments and save millions of lives. This total includes substantial commitments from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as nearly US$700 million generated by (RED). The role private sector and nongovernment partners play and their contributions have significantly increased since the Global Fund's founding.

In addition to making financial contributions, private sector companies participate on the ground, serving as Principal Recipients and sub-recipients of grants, implementing programs to serve the people living with the diseases.

At the country level, private sector and nongovernment partners are part of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms in many countries, helping determine programming. Manufacturers and suppliers make and deliver vital and lifesaving health products.

In addition, these partners contribute to decision-making at the Global Fund through the Global Fund Board. The Board, comprised of 20 voting constituencies, is responsible for approving funding decisions and for setting the priorities and policies for the partnership. Constituencies represent the private sector, private foundations, developed country NGOs, and developing country NGOs, among others.

Historic Opportunities

Private sector and nongovernment partners engage with and contribute to the Global Fund mission through resource mobilization, delivery innovation, innovative finance, and advocacy and awareness. Every type of partnership drives impact – and saves more lives.

Resource Mobilization

Funding is essential to scaling up and winning the fight against the three diseases. Our partners invest directly in the Global Fund or provide resources aligned with Global Fund efforts. Learn more

Delivery Innovation

Our partners help Global Fund-supported programs work better by sharing their knowledge, skills and technologies. We partner to tackle critical and complex challenges in program implementation, operations and delivery. Learn more

Innovative Finance

The Global Fund works with partners to develop alternative funding mechanisms that work within the ecosystem of sustainable domestic financing for health. With the goal of increasing the Global Fund’s impact, these mechanisms increase funding for the Global Fund and/or increase efficiency of the use of Global Fund resources. Learn more

Advocacy and Awareness

All partners support the Global Fund through advocacy and awareness efforts at the country level, regionally and globally. Because the Global Fund does not have a presence in country, we rely on partners – including private sector companies and NGOs – to help raise awareness of our partnership's work and impact and to call for action in the fight against the three diseases.

The Power of Partnership

The private sector plays a pivotal role supporting new product development, contributing funding, technical expertise, training, governance and advocacy that enhances the impact of Global Fund-supported programs.