Global Fund Response

Advancing global health security and strengthening local health systems is central to the Global Fund’s mission to end the world’s three deadliest epidemics – AIDS, TB and malaria.

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on communities and health systems worldwide. As the largest multilateral grant funding mechanism in global health, the Global Fund is taking swift action to respond to the COVID-19 crisis alongside the WHO and global health partners.

The Global Fund raises and invests more than US$4 billion a year to support programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria in more than 100 countries. The infrastructure and capabilities to defeat diseases like AIDS, TB and malaria – medical supply chains, laboratories, community health workers, disease surveillance – are what we need to identify and respond to new outbreaks like COVID-19.


31 countries
2 multicountry grants

To fight COVID-19 and mitigate the impact the pandemic will have on programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria in vulnerable contexts, the Global Fund is enabling countries to use up to 5% of approved grant funding to help protect and treat vulnerable communities. Approximately US$500 million is available to help protect and treat vulnerable communities around the world.

Under the new guidelines, the Global Fund is encouraging countries to redeploy underutilized assets, repurpose grant savings and, in exceptional cases, reprogram funding from existing grants. Activities under the new COVID-19 guidelines include, but are not limited to, epidemic preparedness assessment, laboratory testing, sample transportation, use of surveillance infrastructure, infection control in health facilities, and information campaigns. Learn more

Countries using Global Fund support to fight COVID-19