In 2020, the Global Fund created the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) to fight COVID-19, adapt lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs and reinforce fragile systems for health. Throughout the COVID-19 response, the Global Fund was the primary channel providing grant support to low- and middle-income countries for COVID-19 tests, treatment (including medical oxygen), personal protective equipment (PPE) and critical elements of strengthening systems for health and pandemic preparedness.

As the pandemic evolved, C19RM investments adapted and evolved to respond to countries’ needs and promote efficient use of investments, shifting from the acute emergency response to COVID-19 to strengthening systems for health and preparing for future pandemics. Areas of investments in this shift include:

  • Surveillance system strengthening
  • Improvements to laboratory systems and diagnostics
  • Human resources for health and community strengthening
  • Medical oxygen, respiratory care and therapeutics
  • Health product and waste management systems

Global Fund support to fight COVID-19 and strengthen systems for health:

As of May 2023

  • Total funds approved for C19RM: US$5.3 billion
  • Countries who received C19RM support: 109 countries and 22 multicountry programs
  • C19RM 2021 funds raised to date: US$4.2 billion
  • Funding Approved for C19RM: (Excel | PDF)

* Full list of countries with approved funding is available here. Numbers are updated if there are new funding approvals as a result of revisions or reinvestments.