Response Mechanism

For information on C19RM 2021 application materials, along with the submission windows and timelines, see the Application Materials and Guidelines page.

Known as C19RM, the COVID-19 Response Mechanism supports countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria, and initiates urgent improvements in health and community systems.

All countries, including regional and multicountry recipients, that are currently receiving funding from the Global Fund, are eligible to receive C19RM funding.

Eligible investments

C19RM will continue to fund the following areas: (1) COVID-19 Response; (2) COVID-19 related adaptation of programs to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria; and (3) Strengthening health and community systems. These three areas should also incorporate cross-cutting activities that bolster community responses to COVID-19.

Activities to be funded are aligned with the relevant pillars of the COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP). More information can be found in the technical guidance documents.


Applicants can request funding through a Full Funding Request and an optional Fast-track Funding Request.

Base Allocation: Represents an amount equivalent to 15% of the applicant’s 2020-2022 country allocation that, in principle, all countries can expect to receive if they submit quality requests. C19RM funding is additional to a country’s 2020-2022 allocation.

Above Base Allocation: Countries can also access additional funds (initial guidance is that this can be an amount equivalent to an additional 15% of the 2020-2022 country allocation but could ultimately be more or less than this) for prioritized programmatic needs.

Subject to quality, ambitious and prioritized requests, in principle, all countries should expect to receive above base allocation funding. The size of the above allocation award will take account of the adjustment factors including:

  • the country’s COVID-19 burden
  • the extent of disruption of services in Global Fund-supported programs
  • the amounts of C19RM funding previously awarded and the country’s progress in implementing these funds
  • the availability of funding from other sources

Full and Fast-track Funding Requests

Applicants can request funding through a C19RM Full Funding Request and an optional Fast-track Funding Request.

Full Funding Requests: enable countries to submit an ambitious funding request for prioritized programmatic needs, for an amount including both the designated C19RM Base Allocation and indicated C19RM Above Base Allocation. Since all countries may receive some C19RM Above Base Allocation funding, an ambitious request is strongly encouraged.

Fast-track Funding Requests: enable countries to expedite fulfilment of urgent procurement requirements, which includes PPE, diagnostics and therapeutics (including oxygen) and the costs relating to the effective deployment of these health products. Countries can submit up to half of their overall C19RM Base Allocation request through this optional approach.


Applications must be endorsed by all Country Coordinating Mechanism members. In addition, COVID-19 control and containment interventions must be endorsed by the national COVID-19 response coordinating body.