COVID-19 Response Mechanism

The COVID-19 Response Mechanism supports countries in responding to COVID-19, mitigating the impact on programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria, and initiating urgent improvements in health and community systems.

It leverages the principle of country ownership and allows countries with a Global Fund 2020-2022 allocation to request funding for control and containment, including laboratory networks, supply chains, and community-led responses.

In 2020, the Global Fund awarded nearly US$1 billion to 106 countries to support their responses to COVID-19. This includes US $759 million funded directly by the COVID-19 Response Mechanism and US $221 million via grant flexibilities. All existing COVID-19 Response Mechanism funding has now been fully deployed.

Urgent call for additional funding

Our partnership urgently needs US$5 billion to continue to fight COVID-19, protect health workers and systems for health, and defend progress against HIV, TB and malaria in the countries where we invest. Unfunded country requests for support now amount to over US$300 million. Learn more


Eligible programming supported by the COVID-19 Response Mechanism are:

  • Interventions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on HIV, TB and malaria disease programs
  • Actions to reinforce the response to COVID-19
  • Initiatives to make urgent improvements in health and community systems, including laboratory networks, supply chains and engagement with vulnerable communities


Countries with a Global Fund allocation for the 2020-2022 period can access an amount equivalent to up to 10% of their allocation. This ceiling includes the use of savings and reprogramming under existing grants. Funds accessed are incremental to a country’s 2020-2022 allocation. They are not deducted.

All funding requests must be coordinated and submitted by the Country Coordinating Mechanism. Current regional/multicountry implementers are also eligible for response mechanism support.

Details are in our application materials:

Applicants are encouraged to submit their funding requests as soon as possible.

Approved funding

Our continuously updated report details approved COVID-19 response funding by country and multicountry program: