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C19RM in 2023: What’s new and different?
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As the pandemic evolves and countries transition from an emergency response, C19RM funding can continue supporting resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH) and pandemic preparedness. In order for countries to implement longer-term investments, C19RM funding is being extended until 30 June 2023 and implementation of C19RM-funded initiatives through 31 December 2025.

Implementing countries have the opportunity to reinvest C19RM funding from the COVID-19 response to longer-term systems for health investments and pandemic preparedness. C19RM Portfolio Optimization allows countries to access additional available funding from C19RM.

C19RM Portfolio Optimization

In June 2022, the Global Fund initiated an exercise called C19RM portfolio optimization to meet the needs of the changing pandemic. This process enables countries to better align investments with their revised C19RM priorities.

Wave 1 of C19RM Portfolio Optimization took place between August 2022 and January 2023, as a result of which US$547 million in funding is being made available to eligible countries.

Wave 2 of C19RM Portfolio Optimization begins in March 2023, with approximately US$320 million available. For Wave 2, priority will be given to those countries who either did not receive or did not apply for funding in Wave 1. Countries that were awarded funding in Wave 1 can also apply for funding in Wave 2 but will not be prioritized.

Applicants for Wave 2 funding will need to demonstrate optimal utilization of current approved C19RM funds, including reinvestment where appropriate. The deadline for submitting country requests for Wave 2 is 12 May 2023.

C19RM and the New Pandemic Fund

The new Pandemic Fund, hosted by the World Bank, will allocate funding through organizations that they refer to as “Implementing Entities”. There are 13 Implementing Entities, of which the Global Fund is one.

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As countries are already using C19RM to fund longer-term pandemic preparedness and response as well as RSSH needs, the Global Fund encourages countries to be ambitious in their C19RM Wave 2 funding request and consider working with the Global Fund to apply for additional funding from the Pandemic Fund.

By doing so, countries will only need to submit one funding request, and any investments that cannot be funded through C19RM can be considered for funding via the Pandemic Fund.