Medical Oxygen, Respiratory Care and Therapeutics

The COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Technical Information Notedownload in English | Español | Français ] provides implementing countries with five priority areas which aim to strengthen health and community systems, along with pandemic preparedness and response. One priority area is medical oxygen, respiratory care and therapeutics.

Countries can invest grant funds to strengthen oxygen and respiratory care ecosystems, aiming for those most in need to access care and treatment services as soon as possible. Through C19RM, the Global Fund supports countries to bolster health infrastructure by providing medical oxygen and associated clinical and non-clinical products.

Project Boxer is a Global Fund initiative (centrally managed limited investment or CMLI) that supports implementation of medical oxygen programs through C19RM funding. Project Boxer support includes: advice on country oxygen needs, support to local and central procurement and installation and technical assistance in bulk oxygen production.

The Global Fund works with Build Health International (BHI), an organization of technical experts with a commonsense approach to physical infrastructure, enabling the delivery of high-quality care that can be operated and maintained in resource-constrained settings.

Project BOXER

Build Health International Technical Assistance Services - Overview
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