Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical component of a country’s effective emergency response to COVID-19. Principal Recipients with current Global Fund grants and approved funding can access quality-assured health products such as PPE through, the Global Fund’s procurement tool.

PPE in the Response Mechanism

Further information is available in the COVID-19 Response Mechanism Technical Information Notedownload in English | Español | Français ] and the COVID-19 Response Mechanism Guidelinesdownload in English ] .

Read our materials for the latest information on procuring personal protective equipment:

  • PPM Reference Price List for Personal Protective Equipment
    download in English
  • Technical Specification of iPlus’ Supplied PPE Products
    download in English
  • Category and Product-Level Procurement and Delivery Planning Guide: Indicative Lead Times
    download in English | Français
  • Information Note on Quality Assurance Requirements for the Procurement of Masks and Respirators
    download in English

The Global Fund encourages Principal Recipients to place orders as early as possible to avoid disruption in supply.

It should be noted that freight costs will appear high for PPE compared with earlier procurements as overall unit prices of PPE are at around half the levels of 2020, while freight costs are constant or even higher, related to the current international freight constraints.