Technical Review Panel

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Each request for funding submitted to the Global Fund is evaluated for technical merit and strategic focus by an independent group of experts, the Technical Review Panel.

Beyond making recommendations for funding, the Technical Review Panel also has an important role to play in the development and implementation of the Global Fund Strategy as an advisory body to the Global Fund Board.

The Technical Review Panel consists of experts in HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, human rights and gender, health systems and sustainable financing. In addition to supporting the financing of effective programs, the Technical Review Panel also reports on the lessons learned from funding request reviews for applicants, technical partners, the Secretariat and the Board.

Most recent reports

The Technical Review Panel releases reports and observations on the funding requests submitted to the Global Fund, identifying key trends, lessons learned, and recommendations for each of the diseases, for resilient and sustainable systems for health, for human rights and gender, and for strategic investments and sustainable finance. The most recent reports for applicants and partners include:

  • Technical Review Panel Lessons Learned from Review Window 1 2020-2022 Funding Cycle
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  • Technical Review Panel Observations on the 2017-2019 Allocation Cycle
    download in Español | English | Français

The Technical Review Panel is headed by the Chair, who is also an ex-officio member of the Strategy Committee of the Global Fund Board. The Chair is supported by two Vice-Chairs. Dr. Patricia Moser of the United States currently serves as Chair. Billy Pick of the United States and Regina Ombam of Kenya serve as Vice-Chairs.