Friends of the Global Fund

The Global Fund / Kuni Takahashi

The Global Fund, as a lean and efficient organization, does not have country offices. As a result, we needed to find another way to raise awareness and carry out advocacy efforts worldwide. We came to an innovative solution: independent associations known as “Friends” who help to develop contacts and allies, promote a good understanding of the Global Fund’s mission and mobilize political and financial support.

There are four active regional Friends organizations. Each one is completely independent of the Global Fund and has its own core objectives, activities and governance structure.

Those Friends organizations working in donor countries focus primarily on mobilizing public and political support for the Global Fund, whereas Friends organizations in implementing countries tend to focus their efforts on education about prevention and treatment for the three diseases and how countries can access Global Fund financing. All Friends organizations focus on education about the Global Fund’s mission to end the AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics, and on resource mobilization.


  • Friends of the Global Fund Europe

  • Friends of the Global Fund Japan

  • Pacific Friends

  • Friends of the Global Fight