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The Global Fund does not have offices in the countries we support. Instead, all staff are based at the Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. To serve as our eyes and ears on the ground, we rely on independent organizations in each country known as "Local Fund Agents."

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The Local Fund Agent (and there is generally one per country) works closely with the country team at the Secretariat to evaluate and monitor activities before, during and after the implementation of a grant. Typically, these would include:

  • Assessing the capacity of a nominated Principal Recipient, including:
    • Previous track record
    • Effectiveness of internal controls and systems
    • Reviewing proposed grant budget, workplan and related documents
  • Reviewing the progress of the grant and the appropriate use of funds, including:
    • Progress update and disbursement requests
    • Visiting sites to verify results and data quality
    • Other activities
  • Advising the Global Fund on activities related to the closing of a grant and any possible risks

The work to be carried out in each country is established in an annual workplan that is agreed between the Global Fund and the Local Fund Agent.

While Local Fund Agents are an important part of the Global Fund’s fiduciary arrangements, it is important to understand that they do not act on behalf of the Global Fund. They do not represent the Global Fund’s views and they do not make decisions regarding grants. There are also a number of activities that Local Fund Agents cannot undertake with regard to the grants that they oversee, such as:

  • Designing the program to be funded
  • Participating in the implementation
  • Providing technical advice or capacity building to any implementer
  • Auditing the financial statements of any implementing organization

Local Fund Agents are selected through a competitive process.

If you have questions about Local Fund Agents, please contact the Local Fund Agent Coordination Team at .