Resource Mobilization

The Global Fund pools the world’s resources to invest strategically in programs to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and strengthen systems for health. Together as a partnership of governments, civil society, technical agencies, the private sector and people affected by the diseases, we're committed to successfully funding our global efforts.

Our financing

Our financing is primarily from the public sector, with 92% of total funding from donor governments. The remaining funding comes from the private sector, foundations and innovative financing initiatives.

The Global Fund raises funds in three-year cycles known as Replenishments. We are currently in our Sixth Replenishment cycle, covering the financial period 2020-2022.


The first three-year Replenishment cycle took place in 2005, before which all funding came from ad-hoc contributions. The Replenishment cycle was developed to enable more stable and predictable financing for countries and to ensure ongoing program continuity for life-saving interventions.

In an unprecedented show of global solidarity, donors at the Global Fund's Sixth Replenishment Conference in 2019 pledged US$14.02 billion for the 2020-2022 cycle – the largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization, and the largest amount for the Global Fund.


From mobilizing to investing

Our COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19’s extraordinary impact on global public health and HIV, TB and malaria, the Global Fund is mobilizing additional resources to support the world's response in low- to middle-income countries.

COVID-19 Response Mechanism

The Global Fund reacted decisively to the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, quickly making available more than US$1 billion to support countries to respond to the pandemic, adapt their HIV, TB and malaria programs, and reinforce their already overstretched health systems and community-led health networks. We created the COVID-19 Response Mechanism and enabled countries to reallocate existing funds through grant flexibilities and savings to support their COVID-19 responses.

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Another key part of our response has been our role as a founding partner in the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, a groundbreaking coalition of organizations and governments to accelerate development, production and equitable access to COVID-19 tools. As part of the ACT-Accelerator, the Global Fund is a co-convener of both the Diagnostics Pillar (with FIND) and the Health Systems Connector (with the World Bank), and we are a procurement and deployment partner in the Therapeutics Pillar.

Mobilizing more

Global Fund donors have responded generously to the urgent needs in countries with additional resources. Thanks to investments and contributions to our C19RM from a growing number of donors, we are able to support countries to respond to COVID-19, while mitigating the impact on HIV, TB and malaria programs and strengthening systems for health. From March 2020 to date, we received support from the following countries (in order of announcement): Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, USA and The Netherlands. 

However, the Global Fund still urgently needs up to US$10 billion on top of its core funding to continue to support countries in their COVID-19 response. This figure contributes to the overall financing needs of the ACT-Accelerator. Significant further needs for immediate funding include personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, and treatment (including medical oxygen), strengthening systems for health, and support to mitigate the impact on lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs.

We must unite to fight.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a catastrophic impact on the most vulnerable communities around the world and threatens to roll-back progress against HIV, TB and malaria. As a global community, we must unite to fight them all.

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Published 08 September 2021