Funding Decisions

This list provides an overview of grants approved by the Global Fund. For downloadable copies of corresponding funding requests, select the name of a country/multicountry program. For corresponding grant agreements, select the name of a grant.

Multicountry/regional grants are included in the list.



  • If a grant is extended, it will appear on the table more than once. The “implementation period” (e.g. 2 or 3) denotes a grant has been extended beyond its initial grant agreement.
  • A total grant agreement amount displaying $0 denotes that a grant agreement is in the process of being signed by the Principal Recipient and the Global Fund or has yet to be registered in the Global Fund Financial System.
  • Under certain exceptional circumstances, a total grant agreement amount may be displayed as negative. It indicates a reimbursement to the Global Fund from the Principal Recipient.
  • Due to changes in the Global Fund Financial System and migration, all approvals before 1 January 2014 were migrated with a date of 2 January 2014.