Funding Decisions

This list provides an overview of grants approved by the Global Fund. For downloadable copies of corresponding funding requests, select the name of the country or multicountry program. For corresponding grant agreements, select the name of the grant.

Multicountry/regional grants are included in the list.


  • If a grant is extended, it will appear on the table more than once. The “implementation period” (e.g. 2 or 3) denotes a grant has been extended beyond its initial grant agreement.
  • A total grant agreement amount displaying $0 denotes that a grant agreement is in the process of being signed by the Principal Recipient and the Global Fund or has yet to be registered in the Global Fund Financial System.
  • Under certain exceptional circumstances, a total grant agreement amount may be displayed as negative. It indicates a reimbursement to the Global Fund from the Principal Recipient.
  • Due to changes in the Global Fund Financial System and migration, all approvals before 1 January 2014 were migrated with a date of 2 January 2014.