Country Coordinating Mechanism

The Global Fund / John Rae


For a country to receive funding, and in the interest of enhancing good governance, Country Coordinating Mechanisms have:

Eligibility requirements

These are the six minimum criteria that all Country Coordinating Mechanisms must meet to be eligible for funding:

  • Eligibility Requirement 1: A transparent and inclusive funding application development process
  • Eligibility Requirement 2: An open and transparent Principal Recipient selection process
  • Eligibility Requirement 3: Overseeing program implementation and having an oversight plan
  • Eligibility Requirement 4: Document the representation of affected communities
  • Eligibility Requirement 5: Ensure representation of nongovernmental members through transparent and documented processes
  • Eligibility Requirement 6: Approve and adopt the Code of Ethical Conduct for Country Coordinating Mechanism Members; develop or update, as necessary, and publish a conflict of interest policy that applies to all members, alternates and secretariat staff; and enforce the code of ethical conduct and apply the conflict of interest policy throughout the life of grants

Requirements 1 and 2 are assessed by the Global Fund Secretariat at the time that the funding application is submitted.

Requirements 3 through 6 are assessed each year through an Eligibility and Performance Assessment, which is carried out by the Country Coordinating Mechanism. Countries must request technical assistance through the Global Fund for this.

Minimum standards

These are actions and policies that are considered the basics needed to ensure effective performance of Country Coordinating Mechanisms, based on the accumulated experience of implementers.


These represent additional criteria important for effective Country Coordinating Mechanism performance.


The recommendations represent best practice, based on accumulated experience, which uphold core principles and strengthen performance.