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  • The Global Fund strategy is a multi-year roadmap for the partnership’s future. The strategy sets out priorities for how the Global Fund partnership can accelerate progress against HIV, TB and malaria and improve global health.  It also includes ambitious goals and targets to measure progress.

  • The Global Fund Strategy 2017-2021

    The Global Fund’s next strategy is currently being developed. Input is being sought from a wide range of stakeholders, including implementers, communities affected by the diseases, donors and technical partners. Three Global Fund Partnership Forums were convened in 2015, featuring consultations with multiple partners and working groups to listen to feedback from stakeholders on the partnership,  discuss new advances in the science and delivery of health services, and share priorities for the next stage of Global Fund financing.  Many partners stressed the critical importance of focusing work to better address challenges faced by women and girls, the need to support resilient and sustainable systems for health and strengthen work on sustainability and human rights.

    The current strategic framework focuses on investing to end the epidemics, building resilient and sustainable systems for health, respecting and promoting human rights, and mobilizing increased resources, and emphasizes innovation and partnerships.

    The development of the Global Fund strategy is being guided by the Board’s Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee. The committee is expected to propose a Strategy Framework to the Board for consideration in November 2015, with plans to finalize the next strategy in 2016. 

  • The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016: Investing for Impact

    Adopted in late 2011, the Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 committed the partnership to a program of transformation, intended to increase impact.

    The 2012-2016 Strategy set out five strategic objectives:

    1. Invest more strategically in areas with high potential for impact and strong value for money, and fund based on countries’ national strategies;
    2. Evolve the funding model to provide funding in a more proactive, flexible, predictable and effective way;
    3. Actively support grant implementation success through more active grant management and better engagement with partners;
    4. Promote and protect human rights in the context of the three diseases; and
    5. Sustain the gains, mobilize resources – by increasing the sustainability of supported programs and attracting additional funding from current and new sources.

    The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 document is available, below.