• Office of the Inspector General

    The Office of the Inspector General works to ensure that the Global Fund invests the world’s money in the most effective way possible in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Through audits, investigations, oversight and consultancy work, it makes objective and transparent recommendations to promote good practice, reduce risk and condemn abuse.

    Established in 2005, the Office of the Inspector General is an independent yet integral part of the Global Fund. It is accountable to the Board through its Audit and Ethics Committee and serves the interests of all Global Fund stakeholders. Its work conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Uniform Guidelines for Investigations of the Conference of International Investigators.

    The Office of the Inspector General believes that every dollar counts and has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and waste. Through its whistle-blowing channels, the Office of the Inspector General encourages all to come forward to point out any irregularities that prevent Global Fund resources from reaching those who need them.


    The mission of the Office of the Inspector General is to provide the Global Fund with independent and objective assurance over the design, effectiveness and quality of controls or processes in place to manage the key risks impacting the Global Fund's programs and operations.


    All systems, processes, operations, functions and activities of The Global Fund and the programs it finances are within the scope of the Office of the Inspector General's review, evaluation, and oversight. The Office of the Inspector General may also act in an advisory role to further the Global Fund’s mission and objectives.

    The activities of the Office of the Inspector General are:

    • Internal audit
    • In-country reviews
    • Assurance validation
    • Inspection
    • Investigations
    • Counter-fraud measures and awareness training
    • Consulting activities and advisory services.


    The Office of the Inspector General operates as an independent unit of the Global Fund, reporting directly to the Board through the Audit and Ethics Committee, for strategic direction, reinforcement and accountability. The Board ensures that the Office of the Inspector General has the resources it needs to fulfill its agreed activities. The Office of the Inspector General may conduct and report on any audit, investigation or other oversight work it deems appropriate, consistent with its Charter and the Board’s direction.


    The Inspector General has the authority to:

    • Access all books and records maintained by the Global Fund
    • Access all books and records relating to grants funded by the Global Fund, whether maintained by grant recipients or Local Fund Agents; access the sites where these records are kept and where the programs are implemented, as permitted under applicable arrangements
    • Seek any information required from any personnel involved in the Global Fund's projects and require such personnel to cooperate with any reasonable request made by the Office of the Inspector General
    • Obtain independent professional advice and secure the involvement in its activities of outside persons with relevant experience and expertise, if and when determined necessary
  • Latest

    • 28 January 2015

      OIG Investigation in Kazakhstan

      An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General has identified a number of bid-rigging schemes which took place between 2005 and 2012 in Kazakhstan. As a result, the OIG has called for the Global Fund to recover US$ 5.43 million corresponding to overpricing in contracts awarded to local vendors by Principal Recipients of Global Fund grants.

    • 26 January 2015

      Global Fund Investigation in Yemen

      The Office of the Inspector General found that the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTCP), a recipient of Global Fund grants in Yemen, misrepresented information, accepted inappropriate gratuities and colluded with a supplier called Lab-Tec. As a result, the Global Fund is seeking to recover USD 15,712 of misused funds and will replace NTCP.

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