• Committees

    The Board of the Global Fund has established three committees. These committees prove the Board with specific expertise in the following subject areas:

    Audit and Finance Committee

    Providing oversight of:

    • provide oversight of the financial management of the Global Fund’s resources;
    • provide oversight of the internal and external audit, as well as investigation, functions of the Global Fund; and
    • ensure optimal performance in the corporate and financial operations of the Global Fund.

    Ethics and Governance Committee

    Whose purpose is to:

    • adherence by the Global Fund and its stakeholders to appropriate standards of ethical behavior, as described in related Global Fund policies, codes and requirements; and
    • implementation of the procedures and operations related to the Global Fund’s governance structure and its core governance functions.

    Strategy Committee

    Whose purpose is to:

    • provide oversight of the strategic direction of the Global Fund; and
    • ensure the optimal impact and performance of its investments in health.

    Committee members are drawn from the membership of the constituencies that make up the Board – they can be the Board Member, the Alternate, or any other member of the constituency, and each serves for a term of two years.

    Each committee has delegated authority from the Board to perform decision-making, advisory and oversight in their specific areas. Coordination of the work of the committees and the Board is managed by the Coordinating Group.

    Selection of committee membership is the responsibility of the Coordinating Group. Every two years, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board will solicit nominations from the constituencies and, together with the rest of the Coordinating Group, will appoint committee members, ensuring a balance between donor countries, implementing countries, civil society, the private sector and foundations.