Approved by the Board on: 12 February 2012

Discontinuation of Funding for the Gabon Round 8 HIV (GAB-809-G05-H) and the Multi-Country Africa RCC Malaria (MAF-202-G01-M-00)

The Board declines approval of additional funding for the Phase 2 period for the Round 8 Gabon HIV (GAB-809-G05-H) and the Multi-Country Africa RCC Malaria (MAF-202-G01-M-00) proposals.

See attached table.


[1] When the Board approves the renewal of an existing grant, the Secretariat is required to commit that approved funding in annual tranches, with an initial commitment for the first year of funding only. Additional one-year funding tranches may subsequently be committed by the Secretariat, conditional upon the availability of funding.
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