Approved by the Board on: 22 November 2011

Review of the Corporate Performance Framework

The Board:

  1. Refers to the Policy and Strategy Committee's endorsement of the findings of the Independent Review of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework (GF/PSC16/07), and requests the Secretariat to revise the KPI Framework in light of that Independent Review, the High-Level Panel recommendations (approved under GF/B24/DP3), and the Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 (as approved under GF/B25/DP5);

  2. Requests the Secretariat to submit the revised KPI Framework to the Board for a decision to approve any revisions; and

  3. Requests the Secretariat to allocate sufficient resources under the KPI Framework to allow appropriate reporting to Board Committees relating to the KPIs under their oversight function.

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